Caffeine Caffeine Buzz Buzz (Duo)

Isomac Giada Coffee MachineToday I’m going to write about my lovely coffee machine.

The model I chose is the Isomac Giada; not quite as pretty as a Francis Francis X1, but still quite nice to look at (and a whole bucket of coffee cheaper). I now see they’ve added an ‘X6’ to their range, which proudly boasts the addition of plastic to their materials, so they’re obviously going down-market 😉 Continue reading

Styling Clarity

Having talked about some of my perceived issues with the up-coming Word 2007 over the last couple of days, today I am going to address a topic I nearly covered back in October last year.

It’s a core feature of Word. It will make your life better. It will free you up to write more clearly. It will save you time, it will save a designer’s life. It will save your company’s brand image. Continue reading