The Solution for Oracle ODAC Installation Errors

During the last week, I’ve attempted to install Oracle Data Access Components several times, and to describe it as a headache would be an understatement. I think that a number of the problems I experienced may have been caused by my computer’s registry being a bit of a manky state, possible historic installs of things like their development suite, and so on.

Anyway, this post is intended as a note-to-self of the problems I encountered and the eventual solutions; most of which I did find on the web but somehow the final puzzle pieces evaded easy web-search finds. And again, because I have recently tried to stop my normal usage of an Admin level account, this may have contributed further problems – it certainly added hassle factor to the whole process.
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More Idiotic Dialogs

Last year I wrote about dialog boxes and the annoyances they bring (Stopping the Proceedings for Idiocy). Recently, I’ve been greatly affected by a couple of really, really annoying dialogs; and they’re not even warning of really important things that you have or haven’t done… they are simply asking you if you are sure that you want to leave the application or website!

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Apparent Synchronicity – and more on Licensing

In a strange turn of fate, my post of a couple of days ago on software licenses (‘What Rights do software developers have‘) appears to coincide with a Jeff Atwood post about licensing. As they are both dated the same, the casual observer would assume that (as I make no secret of reading his blog) that I had echoed his sentiments in my own way, without reference to him.

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