Windows 10 is Sadly Filled With Junk Apps… Here’s How to Remove Them

I recently needed to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro on my main machine; and have been appalled at how many apps are installed that seem to want to sell you things; like ‘3d Builder’, or that have a legitimate purpose that I don’t need; like ‘Photos’ (as I use Adobe LightRoom)†.

With the help of this CNET article, I have been able to remove a good few items that will not be of any use to me!

Quick Steps:

  • Run PowerShell or PowerShell ISE from the start menu;
  • Type the following command (if you are happy to remove the Groove Music app, here identified by the word ‘zunemusic‘):
    Get-AppxPackage *zunemusic* | Remove-AppxPackage
  • And that’s it; the app should be removed.


I also removed the following applications. In each case, remove ‘zunemusic‘ in the command above with the string in bold; such as ‘3dbuilder’:

  • 3D Builder: 3dbuilder
  • Alarms and Clock: windowsalarms
  • Calendar and Mail: windowscommunicationsapps
  • Groove Music: zunemusic
  • People: people
  • Photos: photos
  • Xbox: xboxapp

The cnet article has more info if you want to remove the Windows Store, One Note, Zune Video, Windows Maps, Windows Camera apps; for a variety of reasons I chose to keep those installed for the moment.



† I actually had no objection to Photos as an image-viewer in the early versions of Windows; but the moment I noticed that it was starting to try to compile an index of ‘all the images on your system’ I became very uneasy that this was intrusive and unnecessary for me. At this point it is not noticeably adware to me, and I’m sure offers some use to some customers, but along with the other apps noted I am pleased to have been able to remove it.