Some Basic Object Ideas

I’ve been thinking about some basic ideas recently related to the design of a Object Layer for the C#/.Net project that I’m working on. Actually, it’s not a proper OL really, more of a set of enhancements to the Data Access Layer generated with MyGeneration for the Gentle framework. Of course, this is all rather old-hat for anyone who’s utilised Datasets in .Net 2 or later, but there you go.

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Coding Styles – A Fine Line Between Clever and Stupid

I’ve been thinking a lot about coding style recently. I must admit that I have probably always tended to code in a way that would be considered to be verbose by many programmers. Although I learnt to program by myself, I benefited from an extensive professional programming course in PL/I (which doesn’t date me too much, but it does date the machines I was working with!)

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The Solution for Oracle ODAC Installation Errors

During the last week, I’ve attempted to install Oracle Data Access Components several times, and to describe it as a headache would be an understatement. I think that a number of the problems I experienced may have been caused by my computer’s registry being a bit of a manky state, possible historic installs of things like their development suite, and so on.

Anyway, this post is intended as a note-to-self of the problems I encountered and the eventual solutions; most of which I did find on the web but somehow the final puzzle pieces evaded easy web-search finds. And again, because I have recently tried to stop my normal usage of an Admin level account, this may have contributed further problems – it certainly added hassle factor to the whole process.
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