VS 2005 Command Bar Buttons

Some time ago I posted a couple of pages which detailed information about the CommandBarButton codes in Visual Studio 2005.  It had a fair amount of feedback, and has been the cause of a little bit of collaboration, so I’m creating this page to hold related information about these posts and information.

The two posts that were the original work of my own:

One poster Nandhu was kind enough to send me a PDF with the same content:

One poster (City Slicker) recommended this software to browse the icons:

And Ken recommended:

  • 2007 Office System Add-In: Icons Gallery I have not tried this either – I believe the original post preceded this source of information, and it looks like an official source which is good.  I haven’t coded VSTO for several years so I have not needed to keep up-to-date on this 🙂