Outlook FaceId 3000 – 3999

I recently wrote about Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 2003, and this post adds data to that post. This entry is a technical .Net / VS2005 / VSTO blog and will probably not be of interest unless you use these tools yourself.

This post adds the FaceId images for numbers 3000 to 3999. This recent post details FaceId’s 0-2999.

The Icons

The number to the right of the icon is the appropriate FaceId to use:











This does not quite cover the whole set, there are definitely more to come after 4000, but this will do for another day 😉

[Added 25/10/09: Here is the source code for the project, which embarrasses me as the whole project was painful to get the screenshots… but here goes TestOutlookFaceId.zip.]

[Added 13/5/13: Added a new page to hold the most useful links from these pages VS 2005 Command Bar Buttons.]

13 thoughts on “Outlook FaceId 3000 – 3999

  1. Wow, great job. This was really helpful. Sad that this isn’t readily available in MSDN. :-/

  2. Do you want to share the code to get these icons? If so, I will create some screenshots of the remaining icons. I know there are a lot more since I am using a “Red Star” that has a face id = 6743. Send me an email.

  3. Hi Shawn
    Thanks for that suggestion… I’ve emailed you the project – ‘kebabShopBlues’ is in the email title, but it is not from this domain.

  4. Very useful information indeed! Is there any chance I’d be able to get the source for this as well? If so, send an email my way. Thanks!

  5. Hi ksb,
    could you please share the code or send it to me too. I really appreciated your post and I’d like to learn more about this.

  6. thank you very much….I was wondering why Microsoft doesn’t publish an official index of these icons…you’re really a good (and patient) guy 😉

  7. Hey could I also get a copy of this code. I like your post and would like to learn more from it.

  8. Hi Badri,

    I have sent you the source code, and added links to a zip file above. I’m afraid I am unable to retest it as I do not have VSTO installed at this time… but I hope it works for you!

    Nij / ksb

  9. I first used these FaceID lists years ago. It helped me then as I also used it today. I built a similar bit of VBA code to scope out the FaceIDs to 11,199. I was going to upload a zip of the batch images, but did not see a method to do so. FYI the max FaceID for Outlook 2007 is 16208. (yikes!)

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