PM230 Meter Intructions

Electricity MeterWhen I posted about Outrageous Electricity Consumption, I was surprised by the number of times that I was asked for some help providing scans of the manual.

As the manufacturers Brennenstuhl do not seem to have the manual available on the web, I thought that it would be appropriate to provide those scans on a separate page here. I believe that this would be considered to be ‘fair use’ under copyright laws, but will remove them should anyone from Brennenstuhl request it.

[Update 14/11/2017] Seba (see comments below) has kindly provided a pdf of the manual:


You can download the files as a zip file, or as individual jpeg files if you don’t have a zip decompressor:

The ZIP file:

Individual jpeg files (front and back cover have not been provided):

11 thoughts on “PM230 Meter Intructions

  1. Thank you for making this available to other owners who have lost the manual. Very thoughtful, and much appreciated. Best wishes to you, from Philip.

  2. Very thoughtful of you. Took me a long time to find that the manufacturers have not thought fit to leave a downloadable instruction booklet.

  3. Hello,
    I have this in Word as 2 x A4 sides (I found yours after I’d downloaded it & converted it – I was looking again to quote the website I’d used, which I now can’t find! – not that I’m OCD! – but I digress, sorry) –
    you’re welcome to add it to your site, for any who might need it in a form wherein they can enlarge the print for older eyes!
    If you’d like it, just email me & I’ll send it by email attachment.
    I’d’ve put this in a private message but there doesn’t seem to be a “Contact” button!

  4. Thanks so much. You probably lost counting on how many times this was requested….


  5. Thank you for making this available. The PM230 is still a useful device and the manual helps to get the most out of it
    Best regards

  6. Hi – I don’t speak dutch but Google Translate suggests to me that you are asking “How can we set some KW hour of our PM 230 ?” which I think is a question about setting the price of your electricity per kwH. This is covered on the manual on page 7 ‘Mode 7’; basically you use the SET and CHANGE buttons to enter each digit of the price… and then you continue to use SET and CHANGE to move the decimal point of the price.
    It’s covered in the manual which is downloadable on this page!

  7. Thank you Seba,
    I will add the pdf file to the file list above; many thanks for your help!

  8. The instructions mention a battery compartment but don’t tell you where it is or how to open it.

    Can you give me some help with this?


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